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Barbara offers a variety of instructional opportunities taught in her home studio.  These range from individual training to group workshops, all with the intention of unleashing one's creative instincts and producing keepsake works of art.

Click on the links below to learn more about each type of class and view participants involved in the creative process.

Upcoming Classes

Adult class:

    March 2020

       17th & 18th  6:00-9:00  Hand Building

       24th & 25th  6:00-9:00  Glazing

       31st              6:00-7:00  Kiln Opening 

Children:             (open)

One-on-One:       (open)

Parent/Child:       (open)

Team Building:   (open)


Classes are arranged based on student interest & availability and are coordinated with Barbara's schedule. Inviting others to join you in a class helps insure that minimum enrollment requirements are satisfied.  


Normal Class Fees:

     Adults      $145.00

     Children   $125.00

One-on-One Fees:

     varies      $400.00 - $500.00


     10% discount for referrals


The classes are open to all experience levels.

Class sizes, with the exception of One-on-One, require a minimum of 3 participants and are limited to a maximum of 10.

All classes follow the same general format: 2 2-hour sessions for building, 2 2-hour sessions for glazing, and a 1 hour kiln opening for admiration and evaluation of the successful use of methods and applications. The 2-hour sessions are held on back-to-back days, with at least a week between building and glazing, and a similar gap between glazing and kiln opening, as drying and firing occur during these periods.

Classes can be scheduled for either afternoon or evening sessions. The class structure is designed to allow sufficient time to create 1 or 2 large/intricate pieces, or 3 or 4 smaller/simpler pieces.

Note that all classes require a completed application and payment to finalize enrollment. Applications and further details will be provided upon request.

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