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Team Building Classes

     Events that foster company team building are developing all over the country and Pottery Team Building is one of them.  These classes are designed and created to provide unforgettable and meaningful experiences that participants will keep talking about, learning from, and building upon. They foster fun, excitement, laughter and camaraderie within the work place.  This not only fosters fun and camaraderie but also attracts attention and produces better profits for their companies in the long run.


     It is amazing how much fun, challenging and beneficial creating with clay can be by just using simple household forms, learning proper clay preparation and methods for making pottery and sculpture, and the proper selection of glazes.  This can possibly be just enough to turn a beginner into a professional.  Join in the fun of learning the process by creating functional pottery or 2- or 3-dimensional clay sculpture.  Classes are open to adults having little to advanced experience working with clay.

     Single session classes, such as batik, are offered to families to foster healthy problem solving, while working together, and to take something beautiful home at the same time.

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